P.E.O. will celebrate 150 years in 2019!

We'll focus on history, relevance and impact.

Your Chapter Needs to be Part of the Celebration!

During the 2017-18 year, we’re asking every local P.E.O. chapter in Washington State to select and report a Local Chapter Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee chairman, who will serve in that capacity through 2019.  This sister’s involvement can include:

  • Helping your chapter appreciate its own special story and legacy
  • Preserving your own chapter archives and oral history, using information and tutorials provided by International Chapter
  • Sharing historical activities and programs planned by the W.S.C. and International Sesquicentennial Celebration Committees
  • Encouraging your local chapter to qualify for donor recognition at the 2019 Convention of International Chapter through its support of the 150 Fund in the P.E.O. Foundation
  • Introducing the special keepsake Sesquicentennial commemoratives to your chapter sisters
  • Serving as your chapter’s liaison with the W.S.C. Sesquicentennial

Be prepared!  Let us know who your Chapter Sesquicentennial Chair is now! 

Link here to submit your information.

At the 2017 Convention of International Chapter, we learned about goals, activities and plans, including:

  • Every chapter is encouraged to contribute $150 to the 150 Fund via the chapter donation form.
  • P.E.O.'s history will be memorialized by a coffee table book (presales in Spring 2018!) and a beautiful charm, similar to the 1969 charm