Convention Frequently Asked Questions

I’m only coming to the projects program. Do I need to register?
Yes.  The Convention Center has security in place and their officers will be looking for badged attendees.  If you are a P.E.O. Visitor, there is a $10.00 registration fee.

Do I have to reserve a room if I’m only coming to a day program?
No.  You can skip that part of the registration.  When you get to the screen to request a room, you’ll need to click on “Next” twice to move to the next screen.

I am a vegetarian.  Will the meals accommodate this?
Yes, you’ll make your meal selections and choose vegetarian meals for Saturday lunch and dinner.   Friday night dinner is a buffet and all items will be marked for food restrictions.  

What’s the cost to register for convention?
Most attendees of Convention will not pay a registration fee.  P.E.O. Visitors will be charged a $10.00 registration fee.  Non-PEOs and BIL’s will not pay a registration fee.  Depending on how you register for convention (Chapter Delegate or Visitor) you may incur additional costs for meals and housing.

How do I register if I’m from one of the Hostess Chapters?
You should select one of the options in the “Steering Committee (Hostess Chapters)” section.   If you are not one of the listed chairman, please select “Hostess Chapter Sisters and Volunteers”. 

How many days will I have to pay for parking?
Parking days are based on the number of nights staying at the hotel.

When will we know which hotel we are in?
Last year, registrants checked in at the Convention Center and were assigned hotels at that time.  We are still developing the plan for this year.

Will the state pay transportation costs for delegates to come from Eastern Washington?
No, the state does not pay those transportation costs.  Your chapter hopefully budgeted funds to assist you with transportation costs to/from convention.

Are we required to stay at one of the hotels?
No, sisters are not required to stay at the hotel.  If you wish to make other arrangements that is perfectly acceptable.  Staying at the hotel provides more opportunity for getting to know other sisters in the state.  Note that the state has a hotel block that is paid by the state – locations other than one of the 2 hotels will not be covered (if you are an entitled convention attendee).